Monday, July 12, 2010

Chinese friends

Some people are reading this, which is terrific, wonderful, only apparently, you are Chinese, and, well, unfortunately I don't speak your language, so I'm at a loss. Can someone translate?

Sorry, I've been so remiss about keeping this blog going. Honestly, I've been afraid to add anything in the last few months, since my pharmacy internship is under review and actually this week the Board will decide whether I will need to repeat the entire, long, painful experience ALL OVER. Sort of like my lawyer won't permit me to speak on this, or some such thing. Maybe I'm being paranoid, but if the Board reads this, it could harm my case, not to mention, screw up this whole tiresome endeavor of becoming a pharmacist. Do I really care? Well, do I? Yes . . . the money is too good. Where else could a girl work partime and make over 50 an hour?

Anyway it is nice to be writing again. Missed you. I'll let you know the outcome of the Board of Pharmacy meeting this week. Keep your fingers crossed, though I'm expecting nada, zilch, crap. Oh by the way, one more thing, the Singapore job for my husband is entirely on hold. I suppose that's the Chinese connection?