Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Needle in a haystack

OK, so nothing, absolutely nothing happening on the pharmacy job front. I guess I'm waiting for someone to call me and say,"Hi Marsha, we have this adorable little pharmacy 10 miles from your house, and get this, it has an actual soda fountain, and oh, the owner just loves jazz music so the sound track is mostly Ella and Louis, and of course, yes there is a 45 minute lunch break. Can you start right away?"

But right now, I'm mostly concerned about my sore hip, is it sciatica or cancer, as in osteosarcoma, and until my doctor's appointment in six days, I'm mostly fretting. Can a hypochondriac ever really be happy? And then there's my concert for an entire school coming up in two weeks, so basically I'm a wreck.

I'm seeing a pattern here. I know the best thing for me would be to first get a job, get some money coming in, and seriously I am looking a few hours a week and so far absolutely nothing. It really does seem that only chains are hiring. The chains have taken over, ruined the profession as we all know. But today I will continue looking.

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