Friday, December 18, 2009


Played the piano today. I was so nervous, thought I'd have to bailout, make some total lame excuse, like a car accident or a lacerated thumb, the usual. But then as luck would have it, Rob was fretting over his miserable job outlook, my son became unhinged when he couldn't find his flute, of course minutes before the school bus arrived, and wonder of wonders, my lower back went out. Completely out, as in tried to sneeze and I thought I'd die. So just like that, an honest to goodness, built in excuse. But Jewish guilt forced me to stand up, walk out the door into the freezing cold, and ever so slowly lower myself into the car. Please, save the applause... I did what any Jewish girl would do. I SHOWED UP.

Played like a charm. Without a hitch, even Benedictus. This is a special needs high school and my page turner had turrets, so I knew I needed to be calm, for him, for a gymnasium full of parents, grandparents and teachers, for those kids singing their hearts out.

Yes, we are getting to some semblance of a drug reference. Advil really deserved all the credit. Sorry folks, that all I got today.

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