Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fuck it

Well it happened again, made a mistake on billing through insurance and she laced into me. I really wanted to throttle her neck, take her down so fast and pin her breathless body on the floor of the pharmacy. She weighs all of 100 pounds and I could have so easily perfected my strangulation skills. But then I would have gotten fired, etc., etc. So instead I said some lame comment about her having no patience. Let them fucking fire me.

This job is bleeding into my days off, which is exactly what I didn't want. As in stiff neck days off, throbbing headache days off, inability to concentrate when I'm at home supposedly relaxing and reading the New York Times or The Zookeepers Wife. Maybe the drug companies are in cahoots, to get all the pharmacists so stressed out as to increase their own bottom line. How many are taking the H2 inhibitors, the proton pump inhibitors, Adderall for God's sake . . . does every pharmacist have to have a fucking bleeding ulcer???

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