Monday, December 14, 2009

Piano, writing and pharmacy

So far nothing in the job department. Apparently this crumby economy has hit pharmacy big time. Not that job searching over the holidays helps. Once in a while an independent pharmacy shows interest but the only hours available seems to be on weekends and nights. I've been saying no to these off hours, retaining some semblance of self, but who knows how long I can keep that up.

Meanwhile, I keep looking, each day, here and there. As I said, I don't mind, it adds a bit of socializing to my mostly solitary days of writing. I know it would help with the loneliness if I could be out there, dispensing in retail, for those two days a week. I'm not asking for much!

Had a wonderful weekend. R came over with her family for Hanukkah, did a scavenger hunt for the boys' presents, had them running all over the house. B was thrilled with his yo yo. Rob and I doing pretty darn great. Playing piano for the school choir this Friday, she threw at me five pieces, Benedictus is actually beautiful, but now I have to practice like mad, the usual, needing the money. All over the place. I just want some pay for the writing and then all this other crap would be dropped in a heartbeat. Well, maybe not the piano, I do love that... despite the nerves.

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