Thursday, December 3, 2009

This I Believe

Life is good, life is great. What a relief, not having to study anymore, to spend my days writing, playing piano, yes, yes, looking for a job. Rob and I had a fight, he wants me to work three days a week, but to me three days is just cutting too much into a writing life. Yesterday got a piece into This I believe on NPR online. It's what I know I should be doing, and doing often, as in at least 3 days a week. That leaves two days for pharmacy, that's the bargain I tell Rob.

I really want to write all morning, read in the afternoons, and mostly muse about. But I do feel guilty. Rob works hard, is worried about his job, and we do have repair needs on this house. So I guess it's a balancing game, will take some finesse, if I just plod ever so further along each day in these different areas, not to be too cliche but ... we'll just see where the process takes me.

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