Friday, September 4, 2009

An apple a day

Just as I thought. Now that the government is offering free Swine flu shots, Acme has jumped to the forefront and tried to grab some of the money action. In their typical trickle down business plan, the powers that be decided to tweak the ant hill, move things up a notch, and not hire any extra help. It actually looked quite comical seeing Sally running back and forth between flu shots (eventually it will be flu and swine, as word has it that Acme is getting positioned early) and pharmacy duties, all in different rooms. The piles of unchecked prescription carts grew higher and higher as the pharmacy took on the look of that Lucille Ball episode where Lucy haplessly fills chocolates on the ever faster and faster conveyer belt. Even Tasha, our most even-keeled tech, was completely flustered. "It's busy," she said, never looking at me.

Then there's the health department problem. There must be some not very obscure health code violation for giving influenza shots in a small, cramped, unkept cafeteria; maybe not quite as dirty as before, though I didn't inspect that closely as I ran out to grab some precious half-hour sunlight and eat in my car... but I did happen to peer into the still ever grimy refrigerator. Not to mention adding a certain queasy digestion to the tuna and pizza, peanut butter and salads as we employees eat face to face with needles and cotton swabs. And what of that microbial drop of blood that lands in our, oh never mind.

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