Thursday, September 10, 2009

The laws a-callin'

Since I never quite grasped the inner workings of corporate pharmacy (which I'm sure you've noticed by now), I was naive, or was it just plain lazy, about noting my internship hours. Sure I knew it was getting close, but I figured I'd continue working through the 1000 hours, plod through my small, parttime job and simply 'look into' studying for the MJPE exam, that obtrusive elephant of the NJ state pharmacy law exam.

So I was caught offguard when Sally informed me that my hours must be coming to an end and that next week would be my last. Typical of Acme, where the left side knows not from the right, I'm still on payroll at the Greenwood store. Which makes me think, it might well have been an arbitrary decision on Sally's part to cut me off. Or, in other words, a kick in the ass. Strange as it sounds, considering how deeply I disliked the place, I felt hurt, sort of like being banned from the family get-together or dropped from a guestlist or, well, fired.

Anyway, I left a box of lemonheads, my favorite pick-me-up sugar high when I could just puke from on-my-feet exhaustion, sitting on the pharmacy counter with a note of goodbye scribbled next to a lopsided smiley face. I figure my coworkers will read into it what they may. Some might laugh, some snicker, or it may just wind up getting tossed into the garbage which is really the apt metaphor.

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