Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That's Life

Well I guess you could say the inevitable happened. I could hear it immediately in my husband's voice. Not quite getting fired, but a slow-bleeding death of half pay with the possiblity of no health insurance. Our finances and life as we knew it are definitely over. I panicked, screamed and ranted that no way would I work a full 40 hour week in pharmacy, that I wasn't prepared to be the breadwinner, not in such a choking, ulcer-inducive profession. But a few hours later I calmed down and now, a day later, I'm considering exactly that. What else can I do? It's been such a roller coaster, but I can't let my family fall apart.

So, this morning went back to my old haunt at the Seton Hall Library, same floor, same cubicle, same vaguely familiar Federal pharmacy law I'd studied over a year ago. I guess it beats just sitting around fretting. Proactive is my new motto. Oh right, Just Do It. Speaking of which, one bright point... we rented the Jersey Shore house. And still eating lots of raspberries. Driving home from the library Frank Sinatra's 'That's Life' came on the radio and it made me smile. I haven't yet cried.

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