Sunday, November 29, 2009


I passed. Don't ask me how, it was a complete shock to me. They really must have skewed the curve, but who cares, it's over. Beginning to throw out notes, index cards, scraps of paper with Schedule drugs scribbled on them. And yet, the elation has only lasted a day. Maybe it's that certain Thanksgiving weekend blues, or just the trough after the high, but whatever, it didn't last.

I've been thinking. Wondering about what type of job to get in pharmacy. No chains as you know by now. I figure I'll search high and low, scour the streets of New Jersey, to find that independent pharmacy with a kind owner, who gives out a decent lunch break and has a well placed chair for tired feet. I''m thinking ethnic, maybe a Pakistani drug store in Paterson, or a Portuguese pharmacy in Newark, that is assuming it's okay that I don't speak their language. Crazy? We'll see.

Tomorrow I'll start looking. Craigslist, I hire, my Rutgers alma mater. This part is the fun part, meeting people, testing their sensibilities, seeing if we mesh. Yet why do I think the actual 'working' will eventually morph into just one more Acme.

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