Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Selling shoes in Bloomingdales?

It went poorly. Basically studied for two and a half months straight, on average four to five hours a day (counting six to seven in the last few days), and maybe, just maybe, there were 10 out of 90 questions from the Board's Laws and Regulations website, the Abood federal book, CDS guidelines, etc. Called the NJ Board of Pharmacy to ask if there is some type of tutorial service for the next time around, but the director was dismissive. "Our staff has gone from 14 to 8 and frankly do you expect me to spend time on this?"

So now I have to prove my worth at home, you know, stay-at-home mom, with no likely wage earnings in the near future, etc.

Maybe you didn't fail, my son and husband say. I guess miracles do happen. But it's unlikely, by question 20 I was mostly guessing and deep breathing, by question 50 I was a guessing ne'er-do-well, thinking let me get the hell out of here and take my mother-in-law for her orthopedic shoes.

OK, so herein lies the rub. A year and a half ago I passed the Mass exam with a score of 89 (granted I over studied), so now how is it possible that after working a thousand hours as an intern and still studying my tuchas off, that I fail, and fail miserably. I hate this lousy profession!!!!

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