Monday, November 9, 2009

Almost there

Yes, yes I know, I've been a no show for quite some time. I'm starting to sound like those other bloggers, you know the ones with the big followings, but even with my small attempts I do feel guilty for letting anyone down. Actually there's not much to report, at least not within the pharmacy world, mostly just studying piecemeal, two hours here and there, around my birthday, a trip to NYC with my son, to Philly for a memoir festival, and now finally, it's just me and my law notes off to the library. I set a date for the test, November 23, 8 AM.

I've been trying to get refreshed with these outside activities, knowing each Monday it's back to the grind, but especially in the last few days, that hasn't worked. If anything, today I'm finding comfort in staying away from people, complex relationships, jealousy, etc., and glad to simply play robot with my books. Maybe later I'll share more on these feelings, but for now it really is a must that I get going and study.

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