Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seeking National Lampoon

Seeing the headline in Newsweek magazine last week, "How do you solve a problem like Sarah?" made me think of a little ditty to sing at a pharmacy if and when I actually find a job. Something along the lines of "It's been a hard days night" while dispensing Viagra, or "I just had a case of urea" to the tune of West Side Story's Maria. Actually, now that I think of it, Walblues already does it with their annoying soundtrack of brain dead songs like 'He ain't heavy he's my brother' ...all you need is a Schedule IV appetite suppressant to go with it. Why do I think people wouldn't laugh. More to the point, that they'd call headquarters and get you fired. Let's face it, the 70's are gone, the days when National Lampoon inspired a mischevious smile and then you and your best-of-all best friend doubled over in laughter. Where the hell is the doubled over laughter anymore?

Ok, back to studying.

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