Friday, October 30, 2009

And God said onto Moses, "let there be lunch"

So here it is, Section 13:39-6.4 -no not of the bible- of the NJ State Board of Pharmacy bylaws: Meal Breaks. A sole pharmacist on duty may take a 30 minute meal break while working in a pharmacy. A sign shall be posted in the pharmacy stating "Pharmacist on meal break, but available for emergencies and counseling." So why, dear reader, do these aforementioned pharmacists not demand their rights from the chains that bind, and take those precious 30 minutes. Because they are afraid of getting fired, that's why. But the CVF and Walblues managers are laughing it up in some Applebees restaurant (they too are getting screwed by the tippy top tier management who are truly chuckling on some island resort in Tortola.)


  1. I am wondering if it's worth going to school to be a pharmacist. I studied econ, which got me nothing. I'm abroad in France now doing a temporary job until May. Next fall I'll probably take some classes and go to a fire academy to be a volunteer firefighter for my community. I don't know what I'd want to do eventually. Maybe firefighter, paramedic, PA, or MD (don't know, I dropped a good amount of classes).

    Is it possible to work in industry abroad? What would it be like to work at a hospital? Good working conditions and some time off (the French have a lot of vacation I've found out) are important. I wouldn't like to feel like an employer is taking advantage of me. I wouldn't want to be out of a job when I'm older. I experienced that after university. I think being able to work in my home city is important (so I'm not forced to chase jobs if I don't want to). I think that American pharmacists can work in Canada.

    Maybe I should just go to California and try acting for a year. It is hard to know what I really would like to do. I have relatives who are pharmacists and doctors and dentists. i don't know what's good for me.

  2. Dear A, first let me see if this comment page works, Marsha

  3. Ok it works. I see how carefully you are weighing all your options and that is the best first step. Might I ask your age, if you are young enough(under 20) you might try enrolling in an acting school to see if you have talent.

    It seems you should follow your dreams, not your relatives' career paths. Pharmacy may be a stable career and yes, probably stable when you are older too, but there is a price to pay as you can see from my blog. Also read 'The Angry Pharmacist' blog to get other's opinions. There are other medical careers, I have a friend who loves being a physician's assistant- almost like a doctor- you might want to check that out. Keep up your diligence and try and follow your dreams! Marsha

  4. I'm 24. But I wish I were under 20 and new all the stuff that I do now. Maybe I could try to work in a pharmacy for a couple months to see what it's like. Do you think physician assistants have a better lifestyle than pharmacists (hours and less weekend work and control of working conditions)?

    I haven't read all of your blog. But I think I read that you worked many jobs and you aren't a pharmacist now. I will keep reading. I first found the angry pharmacist a few years ago. I just read it after not reading it for a long time. There are certain things I know I wouldn't like to be that I had considered (accounting).

  5. Not really sure about the PA life, but why not spend a few hours in a doctor's office who has a PA (physicians assistant) and see if you like it. I think it's a great idea about working first in a pharmacy. That would save you some time if you just don't like it.

    24 is about the end of the timeframe for getting into acting, unfortunately for a girl, but I'd say if that's what you like, go for it now for a few years, really giving it a try, a strong try, and then you can at age 28 attempt something new. By the way, studies show that your generation will have over I believe 10 careers in a lifetime, so don't think you have to stick with just one. You're right, I owned a small printing firm, taught high school biology, wrote freelance- hopefully still do, even gave acting a try at the old age of 30!

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