Thursday, October 22, 2009


Feeling better today. And once again sorry for... was it yesterday's tirade? Can't keep track of time these days, each day passes into the next with all this studying. Just finished section 4 of NJ regulations- after three numbing hours- and now off to meet R for lunch. Gorgeous day, kind of happy, realizing as painful as the studying is, it still beats working at Acme. Therein lies the dilemma, the paradox, that after all this work, it's only to return to the misery of working in a retail pharmacy hellhole.

Driving to the Windsor Diner in Westfield for lunch, passed an A & P advertising a newly opened pharmacy. Had an aha moment. Maybe, just maybe, that might be a suitable, palatable workplace. I mean, it couldn't possibly be as busy as an Acme or Walblues. And there are all those memories of my mother and I shopping there (well the one in Asbury Park) in the 60's, happily snacking on cheese-nips. Could it be a sign?

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