Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Abood and me

Yes, I know, writing a confessional on being a pharmacist is kind of moot when I'm no longer one. A temporary setback. Memorizing mundane DEA rules for two excruciating hours till I could scream with boredom, wanting to hop on a train to New York City and escape to a really expensive lunch, wonderful book in hand, and then a movie. You know, kind of the life I had.

Thankful for the Abood book on Federal pharmacy law. As boring as the subject matter is, he does try and spice it up and really does a rather good job considering.

Got an e-mail response from the district manager asking if I was done with my internship. Unfazed as to knowing I wasn't even working. So, it's clear, the seemingly corporate decisions of cutting me from the payroll were from Sally and Rachel, rather unilaterally. Creepy.

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