Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Moo cows

Something tells me cooking blogs get more hits. I mean, really, who exactly would find a pharmacy blog interesting except maybe a clutch of retail geeks that would have been happier doing research at a pharmaceutical house and a smattering of chain store 'slave to money' types who sold out long ago and are just plain miserable. Sorry, but I'm not in a great mood.

Let's face it, I'm not real adept at enticing readership, call it lack of leadership, or after this, insulting the readership. As you can see, studying brings out the absolute worst in me. Please have mercy on me today. I'm a wreck.

Rob and I were up at five this morning talking about how we both aren't good at the corporate game: the ingratiating, the maneuvering, the deception needed, to lure people onto one's band wagon. It takes a certain amount of guile, a bit of the charm, and then the crowds gather. Rob's company sent out a list of the front men in the now downsized firm and it was full of these snake charmers, no surprise there, but what really irks me, is that the moo cows always follow.

It's especially apparent in these women magazines, or in these cooking blogs, just read the comments, "Oh Molly, I so know what you mean about your friend Mav!! You are just so lucky to have these wonderful people in your life." Oh save me the rave. Meanwhile Molly's blog seems to have gone to sunnier pastures, and now where do all her loyal cow fans go?

By the way I almost married a snake charmer. But after two and a half years I just couldn't do it. He was so funny, handsome, had tons of moo cow friends, yes, even rich. Maybe I got scared of living on the tip most summit, I just naturally gravitate to safer ground. Boy did I ever hit ground.

Or, in other words, a comment now and again from you would help.

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