Monday, October 12, 2009

The Elusive Date

Well, I never did hear from Rachel. Another pharmacist confided that she overheard her saying I wasn't needed on Monday, something about hiring someone else. It seems that the grapevine is the preferred method of corporate chain store delivery these days. Confused. And once again, hurt. Handling rejection has never been my strong suit.

Or playing hard to get; admittedly I called Rachel a few to many times over the last few days. In desperation, sent an e-mail to the district manager saying I'd worked only one day in the past three weeks and just curious, was this sanctioned?

So, nothing left to do but study. Mostly rote memorization of the Schedule IV appetite suppressants reminding me of my own dieting shortfalls. Went for a walk, carrot stick in hand and thought of starting a new blog on crash dieting. A few titles came to me, 'Confessions of a crash dieter' (already taken), 'Over the Hill to Skinny'- get the double meaning? 'Tribulations of a Fatty.' Day one, ate one carrot stick, walked one mile, lost one pound. Day two, ate two carrot sticks, walked two kilometers, lost two pounds. Sort of like Julie & Julia, only instead of 365 recipes in a year, 365 pounds in a, oh forget it.

Who knew I once tried a Schedule I drug? No not heroine. No not LSD. I was 25, madly in love, or so I thought, only now I think it might have been the MDA, the love drug.

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