Thursday, October 15, 2009

Demerara sugar makes the medicine go down

Sitting in my pajamas reading the cooking blog Orangette, wishing I could just stay like this all day, maybe attempt her banana bread recipe with Demerara sugar, take a hot bath midday to offset this October chill. I'd drink a strong cup of coffee late morning, with of course that oven-warmed, sugar-glistening bread.

But guilt calls, in the form of the Abood pharmacy book chapter 5, and Rob's fretting voice this morning over bills. I know this layoff will be a slow drain, hitting us more and more as the weeks and months go by. I'm trying to keep it at bay, buying groceries well, cleaning up around the house (in preparation of letting the cleaning lady go?) and sending Rob off with bagged lunches. But I know it's an uphill battle, and eventually we'll be standing in the hallway angry and yelling, and he'll say those dreaded words, "why are you taking so long getting your %%$$## pharmacy degree!"

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