Wednesday, October 28, 2009


There's something about this constant rain and memorizing mundane pharmacy laws that makes me either want to cry or eat an entire tin of ginger snap cookies. At least they're not as fattening as a column of double creme oreos.

Today I ventured back to the cubicles at Seton Hall where I could see the human form and secretly pity others plodding through some gargantuan textbook. I just couldn't bear to be alone in my house one more day. My husband printed the entire laws and regulations section from the NJ Board of Pharmacy and off I went, resolute and focused. I lasted three hours.

I got home around 2, flipped on the TV and came upon the history channel documenting the Nazi seige of Rome. Watched footage of a handful of Italian partisans sabotage a German tank parade. "Ten Italians for every German killed," Hitler decreed. Once again I feel pharmacy and WWII are brutally in sync.

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